Christine Derry Ceramic Artist

I have been a practitioner and teacher of art and ceramics for many years. My principal interest has been in creating outdoor monumental work on a significant scale. I have also created large scale ceramic figures from a literary, historical and musical source.

I have a lifetime love of the writings of Dickens and I have had fun over the years putting into 3D the very vivid characters created by him. I have based my sculptures on the written descriptions of Dickens and the illustrations by Phiz. I also have a keen interest in the plays and characters of Shakespeare and have recently started to make figures from this source.

 I have created Kings and Queens from history for Restaurants and Inns and love the challenge of researching the costumes and faces from the relevant periods in time.

I work from my studio near Dinan in Brittany ( France ), but frequently return to the U.K. to attend exhibitions and to complete and deliver commissions. I also organise and run courses located in my Breton studio.

Christine Derry